Open Path Studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK)

Things to consider before applying…

Consider carefully whether you will be ready to commit yourself to study path studies. Study paths often require the possibility to study in the daytime on weekdays. Study paths also consist of quite extensive study modules (1 ECTS credit refers to an average input of 27 hours of work by the student). Make sure that you possess the necessary study abilities and language skills. Check the criteria before registration.Clarify any issues related to studying while being an unemployed jobseeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office well in advance before applying.



What are open study paths?

“Study paths” is an optional way to go for a bachelor or master degree. Studies usually consist of courses of first-year degree studies, which means 60 ECTS (bachelor) or 15 - 30 ECTS (master). Studying usually takes place in the same group with degree students. Anybody who wishes to study towards degree can register for path studies regardless to age or educational background. However, KUAS has a right to choose students on the grounds of student's abilities to conduct the studies.

What does it mean to study towards degree?

It is not possible to complete entire degree via Open University, but you can start to work for it. Via Path Studies you are allowed to collect 60 ECTS Bachelor- or 15 - 30 ECTS Master-studies and to apply based on these scores as degree student. Path Studies consist of the same courses as the 1st year studies of degree program in each school. Path Studies means "path" or "way" to the separated applying and to degree studies. 

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For whom?

Study paths are suitable for you if: you are working towards degree studies; you want to make the most of your gap year; you want to study with the same group during the whole year; you are working towards admission via the open study path.

Why are path studies good opportunity?

  • Study path studies allow you to earn enough credits to apply via the open study path and get admitted to degree studies even without an entrance examination (both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs).
  • Your studies will be credited towards a degree at KAMK, if you later become a degree student. This enables you to continue your studies directly from the second study year!
  • You may test whether the field concerned and university of applied sciences studies in general feel like the correct choice for you.
  • The studies will prepare you for the potential entrance examination. 
  • The studies will also serve as proof of your motivation and studying skills, so it is advisable to highlight them in the potential interview.

What can you study in English language at Open KAMK?

At Kajaani Open University of Applied Sciences you can study in English language in the following programs:

  • eSports Business (full-time studies)
  • International Business (full-time studies)
  • Master's Degree in International Business
  • Sports and Leisure Management (full-time studies)
  • Tourism (full-time studies)

Language Skills Requirement

Applicants are required to have good oral and written skills in English. Applicants must provide proof of his/her English language skills in a language test after registration.

How to register for path studies?

The registration for path studies will be opened from: August 2019 (the exact date will be informed later). You can register by filling this e-form. We don´t receive applications before the registration opens.

How much does path study cost?

Path studies are payable service of KAMK. The price is 250 € (60 ECTS). Please NOTE: Open studies are not eligible for the state’s student financial aid or student discounts unless your other studies entitle you to them. You can contact your TE-Office or KELA for information on how to finance your studies.

Further information

Tiina Silvennoinen, Study Assistant tiina.silvennoinen@aikopa,fi + 358 44 710 1124

Office: AIKOPA, Ketunpolku 1, Building Tieto 1, 2 floor